What percentage of the resumes you receive for job openings come from members of one or more minority groups? How does this compare to your competitors’ hiring experiences? What professional rockstars are you missing out on meeting because of the way you handle the hiring process?

On Site

How do your employees/students/clients experience working with your organization? Do they feel safe and comfortable working with you and learning from you? How do you know? What can you be doing differently in order to get the best out of those you interact with? What talent, money, and community support are you missing out on based on your current practices?

Moving Forward

As you make plans for your organization’s future, what are you doing to include diversity and inclusion? How are you reaching out to people who are different from yourself and your current leadership? What can you be doing to position your organization to best prepare to be considered an industry leader, a place where people want to be and where people want to work?