Winter 2015              Featured/Background                                Freestyle Love Supreme (Television)

  • Pivot TV Network
  • Featuring Tony and Grammy Award Winners Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bill Sherman, as well as numerous television and film personalities
  • Appearing on numerous episodes

Fall 2014                   Writer                                                            Huffington Post

  • Bringing national attention to a health insurance issue for all members of Actors Equity Association
  • Adding a voice to the crusade of reconsidering the AEA's decision; joined by numerous websites including New York Times and The Examiner

Fall 2014                    Publicity         Revolution Cabaret           The Duplex Cabaret Theater

  • Starring MAC Nominated Cabaret Artists Kathleen France and Dawn Dubrow
  • A throwback to the days of German kabarett, this piece tackles important civil rights issues affecting America from its inception to its current state
  • Performance benefited The Wounded Warrior Project

Summer 2014             Crew             The Bauer Sisters                Midtown International Theater Festival
Winner of MITF Awards: 
  • Outstanding Performance of an Ensemble (Musical or Play)
  • Outstanding Production of a Full-Length Play
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Full-Length Play
  • Outstanding Scenic Design (Play or Musical)

Summer 2012             Crew               Born Blue                            New York, NY

  • Written by Caren Tackett, Directed by Anthony Rapp
  • Featuring Broadway legends from RENT, Hair, and more

2010-2012                  Fundraising/Publicity/Crew                     Royal Family Productions (NYC)
  • Soliciting donations
  • Meeting with funders
  • Creating and disseminating publicity materials
  • Working directly with actors, directors, and crew

2009-2011                  Publicity                                                       Tales From the Tunnel (Off-Broadway)

  • Fringe Series, Encore Series, Off-Broadway
  • Starring Tony Award Winner Wilson Jermaine Heredia and television/film actors

2005                           Radio DJ                                                         Major Market (Radio)

  • Weekday morning show
  • Working with long-time hosts
  • Interacting with top musicians and artists
  • Attending/Participating in promotional events

June, 2001                  Guest Host Appearance                               CMT Most Wanted Live (Television)

  • National daily count-down show
  • Guest Hosted June 13 episode, introducing music videos

Kristen Marie (Kryss) Shane, BS, MS MSW, LSW, LMSW

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